Our Fee System

Because vertebral subluxations occur in everyone with everyday stresses, we have determined that we usually need to check our practice members at least on a weekly basis, unless our examination indicates otherwise.  Our unique fee system enables everyone in the family to come in as often as is necessary.

Our fee system is described as an Honor Fee System.  The only fee that we set is your initial visit fee in our office…$75/individual or $175 for a family of 3+.  After the first visit, WE DO NOT SET YOUR FEE! Every member pays according to their own financial means. We do this because your care is so important to us. While the system is designed to enable you to come in regularly, it is also dependent upon your coming in regularly. We are able to have a system like we do because we expect you are going to come as often as is necessary to allow the vertebrae to hold their proper position and then weekly for maintenance care. Coming in on that basis will support our fee system. The average person sees a medical doctor three to six times a year. If we expected to see you that infrequently, we would have fees comparable to that of a medical doctor. That would defeat our purpose, which is to make regular chiropractic care affordable.

With the advantages that we offer you (giving as you are able, flexible appointments, prompt attention) we ask that you meet your responsibilities so we can make this unique system work:

1) Be here for your appointments.  Whether it is 3 times per week or once every 2 weeks, we ask that you commit to sticking with the plan that Dr. Kristi has requested for your personal situation.  Should you choose to come in less often than this, you will pay a per visit fee of $50.

2) Deposit your fee into the box on the wall at every visit.  Let the box be a reminder that this is a joint effort on your part and ours, an effort designed to allow you and your family to maximize your health and well-being. We’re trying to do our part. We hope you will make every effort to do yours.

3) Refer your friends and family.  Our office is like a co-op.  The more people in your group, the more products you can buy, and the lower the amount that product costs.  This is a prime example of how our fee system can work at it’s best.  Your friends and family also deserve to live life at their greatest potential and be free from nerve interference, so please tell them about chiropractic care.

4) Please understand and accept your responsibilities in our office.  If our members are not responsible with this system, we have the freedom to stop using this system at any point in time and begin having everyone pay a set fee for service.

We realize that this approach is unusual and different from what you are accustomed to. Remember, this office is not a sickness-care office. We are not offering chiropractic because you are sick but because we want you to be free of nerve interference. We believe this care makes sense. If you want to be healthy and function at your best for a lifetime, then please make a commitment.  See you every week!